About Us

I have been interested in mushrooms and farming from a young age, from picking wild mushrooms around Northern Ireland to experimenting with grow your own kits .

It wasn't until I started travelling meeting different people and cultures that my fascination for the mycological world mushroomed!  After doing lots of wild foraging around Canada I thought I would combine both my past experience with farming and foraging to start cultivating mushrooms.

This sparked a moment that I could actually follow my passions with my own business and promote my ideals of a sustainable local business.

SporeShore Mushrooms kicked off in 2020 with the goal to supply high quality gourmet and medicinal mushrooms throughout Northern Ireland.

The main focus of the business is to supply restaurants, home deliveries, health food stores, distributor's, online sales and vendor markets with these edible gourmet mushrooms. Additionally, to promote local and sustainable food sources in a time where there is a high demand for high quality local products.

As a small farm our mushrooms are not stored for lengthy times and are delivered fresh straight from the farm to fork to ensure the utmost quality in our mushrooms.

Please click this link for our product list.