Birch Polypore????(Pitptoporus Betulinus) famous for its ancient uses as a fire starter, knife sharpener and even used as a plaster. You may have heard of Otzi the 5300 year old mummy found in the alps well he was found with some birch polypore which was theorized he was using medicinally. The medicinal properties have been known for thousands of years our aim is to revive this knowledge and provide people with access to its potent medicinal benefits.

Like other well known medicinal mushrooms Birch Polypore contains both (Polysaccharides) and (triterpenes) that are very beneficial to your health.  The polypore can make a powerful immune tonic due to these compounds known to be effective in enhancing your immune system.

Studies have shown that Birch polypore contains antioxidants which could reduce free radical damage within your body. Additionally studies have also shown that the polypore contains anti inflammatory and anti viral properties this combination truly can be a huge benefit to peoples health.  The prevention of colds and flus and even healing if they become infected can be particularly important in todays modern world.

All our extracts are dual extracted using cold alcohol and hot water extraction methods. We then combine these to give you the full spectrum of extracted medicinal compounds to ensure a potent solution.

Suggested Dose: Take 4-20 drops, 2-3 times per day. Take with tea, water, juice with food or on an empty stomach.

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Birch Polypore Liquid Extract (25ml)

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