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Lions Mane - Liquid Culture (10ml)

Lions Mane - Liquid Culture (10ml)

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Lions mane makes a tasty culinary treat which is often described as crab/lobster like when cooked in butter. It is also highly medicinal enhancing your immune system, cognitive, heart and digestive health. It also has a high protein content, contains a variety of polysaccharides and Vitamin D2. To get the most of the medicinal benefits Lions Mane mushrooms check out our extract range here

In each LC Kit you will receive a Sterile 10ml/cc liquid culture syringe and 16G needle for injection into spawn or substrate.

All of our liquid culture is clean and tested routinely to ensure no nasty contams are present. We guarantee clean culture or we will exchange them.

Liquid Culture (LC ) is mushroom mycelium grown in sterile liquid broth. It can be stored sealed at room temp (for warm weather species eg pink oyster) or in a clean fridge (for all other species) for up to a year and sometimes longer. However it is best used as soon as you receive.

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