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Turkey Tail Mushroom Tincture (25ml)

Turkey Tail Mushroom Tincture (25ml)

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Turkey Tail (Trametes Versicolor)

A common bracket fungus that grows abundantly across the northern hemisphere on dead trees.

This Turkey Tail Tincture is used to improve peoples immune system, health, wellbeing and fatigue. Turkey tail tinctures antiviral properties has been known to treat cold sores when applied throughout the day. It also has been known to support cancer treatment in some people.

We combine both alcohol and hot water extract (40% AC: 60% WC) to produce a potent dual extract tincture. This method makes available the bioactive polysaccharide compounds of K and P. This fully utilizes the medicinal benefits contained within the turkey tail mushroom and gives you the full spectrum of beneficial compounds.

Ingredients : Turkey Tail Mushroom/Alcohol/Water - high strength 1:1 ratio

Suggested Dose:Take 4-20 drops, 2-3 times per day

Shelf life up to 2 years

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight

Take with tea, water, juice with food or on an empty stomach.

Do not exceed suggested serving. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This should be used as part of a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Please consult your doctor before using.

**.Our extracts are not intended to be used for medicinal purposes, rather as supplements to support overall health and well-being.**

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